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Do you have capital but do not know where to invest? Do you regularly trade and experience losses? Spend 10 minutes and learn about this investment opportunity to generate passive income from US$50 to millions per month.

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How to generate consistent passive income
every single day?


Forex Autopilot is a forex trading robot or Expert Advisor.

Forex Autopilot aims to increase your capital by 1% each day. Our robot trades in scalping mode, establishing only one position at a time, resulting in a very modest downside. Our robot is completely secure, as it has anti-margin call logic that protects your funds and ensures you earn passive income every day.

Forex Autopilot advantages:

1. The opportunity to gain 1% profit of your capital each day.
2. Funds are never locked so you can withdraw at any time.
3. Runs 100% automated, so you have the time freedom to do other things.

What are you waiting for? Even if you never have any trading experience, you can make a significant profit using our forex trading robot. Imagine when you are busy working or on vacation; our robot generates passive income. Join us and prove the consistent passive income with Forex Autopilot.

You can observe our daily trading results here in this table or by following our Instagram page below.

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Advantages of trading with Forex Autopilot

1% Profit Per Day

Since 2018, Forex Autopilot has proven to make consistent profits for its investors, profiting every month.

Anytime withdrawal

Manage your funds on your personal  trading account. You can withdraw your funds at any time.

100% Automated Trading

Trading is fully automated without your intervention. You will have a steady passive income and time freedom to do other things.



You may view our daily trading performance portfolio dating back to 2018, by accessing our Portfolio, MQL5 signal, and following our Instagram page.



Real reviews from Forex Autopilot robot users.


I can now earn a good amount of passive income even though I'm at home since Corona pandemic. Automated trading using Forex Autopilot's robot has been a blessing for me. Thank you, bot!

Jessica Meily

Our products

FOREX AUTOPILOT has been proven to generate consistent monthly profits with a daily capital gain target of 1%.

Our robot has been used by over 100 thousand users.

Six forex robot packages are available. Prepare yourself to generate passive income with our trading robot packages.
*Our exchangers charge a flat 15% fee for deposits and withdrawals.



  • $500 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 50/50

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $3 per day

    • $13 per week

    • $60 per month



  • $2,500 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 55/45

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $14 per day

    • $69 per week

    • $275 per month



  • $5,000 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 60/40

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $30 per day

    • $150 per week

    • $600 per month



  • $12,500 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 70/30

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $88 per day

    • $438 per week

    • $1750 per month



  • $25,000 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 80/20

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $200 per day

    • $1,000 per week

    • $4,000 per month



  • $50,000 capital deposit

  • Profit sharing 90/10

  • Estimated net profit / passive income

    • $450 per day

    • $2,250 per week

    • $9,000 per month


Registration & Activation

You only need about 5 minutes to register by filling the form below.
Please follow the steps in detail.

Please prepare these data below:

  1. Passport or any photo ID

  2. E-mail

  3. Phone number or WhatsApp

  4. Username

  5. Binance address or local bank account information for withdrawal

Once the data above is prepared, fill in the registration form by clicking the button below.

If you are confused or have any questions, you can contact us directly by clicking here. We are ready to help you register and activate the robot until you are all set.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Forex or Foreign Exchange is the activity of exchanging foreign currency / foreign exchange. For example, exchanging EURO to USD, JPY to USD, and so on.

The foreign exchange or forex market is the largest financial market in the world – larger even than the stock market, with a daily volume of $6.6 trillion, according to the 2019 Triennial Central Bank Survey of FX and OTC derivatives markets.

Forex consists of two types of trading, namely Spot & Futures. The Forex Autopilot robot works on Forex Futures.

  • Spot Trading / Market is a type of foreign money exchange that usually occurs in a moneychanger / bank. For example, you go to a moneychanger / bank to buy dollars and then save them, then when the dollar is high, you sell it back to get a profit from the exchange rate difference.

  • Futures Trading / Market is a type of derivative market from forex.

There are two types of transactions in Futures Trading, BUY / LONG and SELL / SHORT.


A person can make a profit or loss in the Futures market based on the currency's value in the future (Futures).

If you initiate a BUY / LONG transaction, you enter into a contract to buy an asset (in this case, the currency) at a price currently agreed upon until the agreement period ends.

An example of BUY / LONG in the real world: if you are an airline, you would want to get the same oil price today ($10) to buy gasoline in 3 months. You have to enter a BUY / LONG contract agreement to get gas for $10 in the next 3 months. If it turns out that later the market price of gasoline increases to $15, then you will make a profit because you still get the gasoline price according to the agreement, which is $10. However, if later the market price of gasoline turns down to $5, you will lose because you have bought gasoline at the price of $10.


If you make a SELL / SHORT transaction, you enter into a contract to sell the asset (in this case, the currency) at the price that is currently agreed upon when the agreement period ends.

An example of SELL / SHORT in the real world: you are a rice farmer that wants to make a contract agreement to sell (SELL / SHORT) the rice harvest at a fixed price when the contract period ends, for example, $50. If later it turns out that the price of rice on the market drops to $40, you will still profit because you sold at $50. However, if the market price rises to $60, you will lose because the agreement is to sell at $50.


In forex, even though the EUR/USD price falls, you can still profit because you can enter a SELL / SHORT agreement and make a BUY / LONG agreement when the price goes up. However, market movements are challenging to predict. This is where our trading robot thrives.


Why use a trading robot?


By using a robot, trading strategy & planning has been set at the beginning. It will run automatically to ensure a low level of human error, especially human emotional and psychological factors that cause trading methods to be less consistent. Because the robot has determined the trading logic and setups, the risk will be minimized. You can monitor the trades using MetaTrader4 app on your phone or PC. Read for more information below.


Forex Trading robots or commonly called "Expert Advisors" are software or scripts created and used in the forex trading platform to automatically carry out the trading process. For example, these processes include carrying out buy and sell transactions, installing stop losses, and  taking profits without the need for orders from a trader.

What are the features of the Trading Robot / EA?

  • Analyze market conditions with pre-programmed indicators

  • Automatically open & close positions

  • Set a profit target position

  • Set a stop loss position

  • And many more depending on the robot's setting

How to create and use a robot?

To create and use a robot, you must first learn a programming language on the platform that will be used. Currently, the most popular ones are:

  • MQL4 Programming Language for the MetaTrader4 platform

  • MQL5 Programming Language for the MetaTrader5 platform

  • You should first learn the concept of "programming" before using or copying different methods you can find online.

Does anyone else sell forex trading robots?

Very many sell forex trading robots if you want to try to buy a forex robot. It is highly recommended to study them carefully and ensure that the robot's performance or trading track record shows promising results.

Are there free trading robots?

Yes, there are many free/tutorial and paid trading robots on the internet. We have tried many robots, and none of them gave satisfactory results as Forex Autopilot has had.


The advantage of using a forex trading robot is that is can run 24/5 without any break to analyze market conditions to look for opportunities to open trading positions and automatically execute them based on the logic we have developed.

What is the logic of the robot?

  1. Daily profit target of 1% capital gain per day.

  2. Maximum stop-loss of 5% per day.

  3. The robot will stop when it hits two cut-losses in a day and will continue trading the next day.

  4. The robot uses only single-entry method, which mean there is only one open position.

  5. Lot capacity is 1/10,000 from the capital, which is excellent money management. It is unlikely that there will be a margin call even if the market price falls or jumps significantly.

  6. Trading hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 11pm GMT +7, except on observed holidays.


We have reviewed in detail the past monthly profit percentage using our actual trading results updated daily since November 2018 by clicking this link.

2020 trading result:
January 2020 Profit + 13.68%
February 2020 Profit + 17.01%
March 2020 Profit + 12.86%
April 2020 Profit + 13.46%
May 2020 Profit + 11.97%
June 2020 Profit + 14.11%
July 2020 Profit + 17.33%
August 2020 Profit + 7.32%
September 2020 Profit + 14.11%
October 2020 Profit + 14.75%
November 2020 Profit + 11.61%

December 2020 Profit + 11.33%

Total profit made in 2020 is 159.54% with an average profit of 13.29% per month.

The table below is the average monthly profit based on 2020's trading performance.

en - 2020 profit table.jpeg

*Our exchangers charge a flat 15% fee for deposit and withdrawal.

You can see the daily trading performance, which is updated daily since 2018 on this link or on our Instagram page.


For the past year, the Forex Autopilot trading robot is proven to generate consistent profits which you can see in the results above, you can also refer to our daily performance . Since November 2018 until today, we have never failed to deliver consistent monthly profit so that none of our members experiences margin call (MC) and runs out of capital.

Forex Autopilot robot uses good risk management and good trading patterns:

  • The daily profit target of 1% means that the robot will work until it reaches the 1% profit target for the day. The robot will stop trading when cut losses have been executed two times.

  • Our robot sets a maximum daily loss of 5% and stops trading after two losses on that day. It is unlikely it would trigger a margin call with these two cut-losses logics implemented, even if the market price changes significantly.

  • Profit-sharing is executed daily after trading hours. Losses are counted during profit sharing. If the day ends with a loss, profit-sharing will only be executed on the day after profits recover the losses.

In addition, our robot gives you access to both actual trading and investor/read-only accounts on the MetaTrader4 (MT4) application on your phone and computer so you can monitor the movement of your funds 24/7 live.


You can withdraw your initial deposit and profit at any time, usually taking 1-3 business days. The broker account that manages your fund is created under your name.


Trading exposes you to the risk of losses equivalent to deposits and is only suitable if you have the financial means to bear this risk. Forex Autopilot is in no way an offer of investment advice or an incentive whatsoever to buy or sell financial instruments. Past results are no guarantee of future results. You are solely responsible for using the information acquired and assumed all the risks associated with this use. In particular, it is up to you to take all the necessary measures to preserve the integrity of your capital. and its administrators cannot be held responsible for any possible losses.


The forex brokers that we work together with:
1. Max Global Limited (
2. Zen Trade (
3. Global Premier (

4. Hot Forex (

5. Bethle Aster (

The forex brokers we work with have the following criteria:
1. Straight-through processing (STP)* brokers, not dealing desk (DD) brokers.
2. Brokers can apply our expert advisor technology using PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management). Not all brokers can implement a complex PAMM system.
3. Brokers can work with our pointed exchangers to facilitate fund transfers. The exchangers charge a flat 15% fee for deposit and withdrawal.

​*Forex Autopilot only works with trusted STP brokers because these brokers only earn commissions from trading spreads and not by executing trades against the users, like on dealing desk brokers. The risk of funds lost from these brokers is unlikely.

We are legally registered in Indonesia and our offices are located in major cities in Indonesia.

Our offices are located at

  1. NEO Soho Capital Floor 31, Podomoro City, Jakarta - Head Office

  2. Pakuwon Tower Floor 11, Tunjungan Plaza 6, Surabaya

  3. The Space Bypass Ngurah Rai, Pedungan, Denpasar, Bali

  4. Paskal Hyper Mall No. 27, Bandung

If you are in Indonesia, we are happy to help you set up a meeting in one of our offices.


Click here to open a complete guide to Forex Autopilot Registration & Activation.

Please prepare the data below:

  1. Passport or any photo ID

  2. E-mail

  3. Phone number or WhatsApp

  4. Username

  5. Binance address or local bank account information (to withdraw profit, the Binance or bank address account owner must be the same as your passport or photo ID)

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly by clicking here. We are ready to assist you with the robot registration & activation, and any questions you might have.


People seeking to diversify their source of income
More and more individuals wish to engage in trading in order to generate additional income. Trading robots are, in this case, an excellent alternative because they allow investing in trading without having as many skills as professionals.

Professional traders
We find a growing number of traders who use trading robots, as is the case with the robots that I present to you on the current website. Indeed, automated trading requires less work while allowing to generate substantial income. Traders are still careful to select quality trading robots that offer profitable and thoughtful signals.

Regulars of financial investment

Investors are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to diversify their capital. Trading robots are a technique that increasingly attracts this type of profile. Indeed, when these investors come across good robots, they do not hesitate to invest substantial sums.

Entrepreneur & employees

For entrepreneurs who are struggling due to pandemic, this investment is a good other source of income. For employees, this investment becomes a good source of passive income because it runs automatically without interfering your daily job or routines.

And also..

People looking for new opportunities

For those of you who are still looking for a new opportunity, this business is perfect because it doesn't need a lot of capital and experience to start. You will earn referral fees when your invite your friends. Ask us how.


"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die."
-Warren Buffet


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